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Thanks to the multiple studies on purpose worldwide, purpose has been confirmed to be associated to virtually all dimensions of wellbeing (e.g., increased resilience, life satisfaction, self-esteem, adaptability, healthy behaviour and improved mental health). Given this concise evidence, the two workshops proposed are designed to help individuals achieve exactly that: their purpose

This workshop guides individuals through a step-by-step interactive process to discover who they truly are, their personal strengths, shape this into a purpose, and come up with coherent steps to achieve that purpose. 

Signature workshop to discover and pursue your purpose
For all ages! On Link in Bio (11).jpg
Signature workshop for parents to support their childrens

This workshop is designed to help parents support their children/adolescents in their purpose discovery journey. Because in reality? As much as we care and try...sometimes we just don't know how we can truly help them.

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