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Signature Program Explained 

Do you feel a lack of confidence or self-worth? 

Do you doubt yourself and your decisions?

Do you hesitate in putting yourself first?

Do you worry too much about what others are thinking about you?


Or feel as though you do not measure up to others?

Do you have a strong inner critic or poor self talk?

Do you have a self blaming attitude?

Do you always see the faults in yourself rather than your strengths?

Do you have a problem with setting your own boundaries and saying no? 

If a few or more of these questions apply to you, this may be just the program for you!

Steps include in signature program
Week 1

Begin to discover who you truly are and what you want (strengths, purpose)

Week 2

Overcome your limiting beliefs (e.g fear of rejection, not being good enough) 

Week 3

Befriending your inner critic 

Week 4

Killing perfectionism and embracing your imperfections

Week 5

Decoding, accepting and regulating your emotions

Week 6

Self Care 

Week 7

Applying your learnings to relationships 

Accepting yourself  for who you truly are

Week 8

Getting out of the comfort zone and embracing the beauty of vulnerability  

Become your own protector, lover, mentor, parent, your own hero.

8 Weeks 


In Person & Online 

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