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Hi I'm Barbara

I am here to help people in their 20's and 30's build a better relationship with themselves and others so that they can live more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

How did I get here you may ask? Well let me tell you a brief story...

Growing up wasn't exactly the easiest of experiences for me, my family environment was challenging, the school I was at wasn't exactly supportive, and like most of us, I came out of the whole experience a little worn down. What seemed to be small scars from the outside though, turned out to be a large storm waiting to explode on the inside.

Not only did this impact the way I saw myself (e.g. interior critic, self esteem and confidence and fear of failure) and  related to others (e.g. perceived judgement, inferiority), it also went on to influence my romantic relationships. From welcoming toxic guys to chasing away good men, I had a lot of inner work to do before I finally welcomed somebody I truly deserved and could love me for who I was wholeheartedly (and vice versa!). 

As part of my recovery journey I went to a mental coach. She was authentic, resilient, compassionate and had the genius ability to guide me towards my hopes and dream through (what I now know as) 'powerful questioning'. Although this wasn't the only factor in my personal recovery journey, she was fundamental to me getting a grip on the situation and left me aspired to have a similar impact on the world as she had on me. 

What was certainly the cause of extensive pain in my life, sooner than later revealed itself to be a blessing in disguise. People would come to me for support and advice, which I in turn could respond to with much love, personal experience and resilience. Such support would later on also be supplemented by my Master in Public Health, second Master in Positive Psychology and multiple accreditation's in life coaching. 

Barbara, Positive Psychology Practitoner & Mental Coach

Positive Psychology Practitioner and Mental Coach

I know what it means to lose yourself, lack self esteem and have this reflect on your interpersonal relationships.


I know how it feels to finally gain grip on your own life, find yourself, love yourself wholeheartedly and come out the other side an even stronger person.

With my extensive professional and life experience, I am here to help you achieve your personal goals as we set off on this journey together. 


My service is innovative in that it incorporates coaching with the modern tools of Positive Psychology...

but that's not all! Building on the needs of my clients, I have developed a coaching service which adapts to your personal and sometimes challenging needs. 

Weightage of my service
  • Quality Assured with accreditation in Public Health (MSc), Positive Psychology (MSc), Systematic NLP and Life Coaching

  • Packages that adapt to your time and money challenges

  • Coaching from the perspective of somebody that has been through and overcome many personal challenges of her own

  • A free first session to get a feeling of the openness and trust my coaching sessions provide

  • A free first session to identify whether coaching is the right fit for you

  • Online and in person coaching to adapt to your personal coaching preference 

Unlock your true potential, ignite your inner fire, and watch your self-esteem soar to new heights. Join me on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where you'll learn to embrace your uniqueness, overcome self-doubt, and transform how you show up in interpersonal relationships

Accredited By

International Coaching Federation
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